You're about to step foot into my website... Before you do, there's a few things I gotta let you know!

This website is best viewed on desktop with a 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 display. On smaller or larger displays it might look strange or off-center.
This site has flashing images, and pages with brightly colored layouts. Though I have implemented buttons to toggle gifs on and off on multiple pages, some parts of the site may still be inaccessible to photosensitive users.
I am still in the process of rolling out accessibility features for my website. Not all pages are accessible to low-vision users or those who use screen readers.
This site has currently only been tested in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. I do not know how compatible it is with other browsers.
Though this site isn't 100% inappropriate for kids, please mind that I am adult. I swear and I tend to talk about adult things! This site's official rating, as seen below, is WEB 14.