• My working period varies. Depending on the circumstances and the complexity of the commission you order, I may complete it relatively quickly; within the next day or within the week. However, I may also take my time, and your commission could take weeks for me to work on if I happen to be busy. Please have some patience, and don't expect only a day's worth of work every time, because that will not happen every time. Mind that I also may delay or simply reject your commission if I happen to be experiencing health issues. If I don't complete your commission within two months, you are entitled to a refund. I will always be upfront with you in discussion whenever any inconveniences that prevent my working on your piece come up.

  • I reserve a right to reject a commission if I see it fit, and I can promise you it will never be anything personal against you as a person or what you've requested, if what you requested does not fall under the category of stuff I will not draw. As I've said, if I'm experiencing any health issues, be it mental or physical, I will not strain myself to work until I'm in a better state. Depending on the time, my slots may also be full. I will have 7 slots open at a time. Please do not get sore with me if I reject a commission from you, because it's once again nothing personal, and more often than not simply a matter of saving myself the stress.

  • When requesting art with specific poses, please provide me with a visual reference of what you have in mind, be it a stock image or stick figure art. The same is preferred when requesting a character in a specific outfit that differs from their normal one. Generally, if you have something specific in mind, give me a visual reference I can work from. Your references do not have to be of high quality. I like for my work to be as much in line with the commissioner's vision as possible, and because of this, visual references are preferred so that the client and the artist both have a vision to refer to.

  • Please have a good reference on hand when requesting art of an original character of yours. I cannot work with you only describing their look in text, and I cannot work with anything uncolored or obscuring parts of their design. Picrew and any dress-up game references are accepted! I won't make you draw a reference of your character yourself, if you're unable to do so. If you have multiple references of your character on hand, please send them in either a Google Doc or a Drive folder I can access.

  • You are free to request any changes or edits you see fit, whether you want me to change a character's expression or for me to change certain colors or parts of the setting. I do not charge extra for suggested edits. I prefer to be given constructive feedback when working on a commission, and I want the two of us to be on the same page. I will be fine with any suggested edits as long as you do not essentially ask me to re-do the entire piece.

  • As I work on your commission I will send you frequent updates on the piece through DMs or e-mail, and these will be the points where you can request any edits you see fit. I will not allow request for any further edits once I have fully finished the piece. If you would prefer minimal or no updates, please let me know beforehand.

  • If the request you have for your commission doesn't cleanly fit into anything I've listed that I'll draw, or things that are listed on my prices page, please talk about it with me. We can work things out and ultimately I'll charge what I feel is fair for the drawing.

  • Once we've finished discussing what you want for your commission, I will tell you what slot you've gotten, if I have slots full. If I have no slots full, assume you are in slot 1. Please do not get upset with me if it is further down the list and you will have to wait longer for it. I will have 7 slots for commissions at a time, so understand it may be a matter of my slots nearly being full, or the type of piece you've requested.

  • I require payment upfront. Tipping is most definitely not required, but it is appreciated! Do not try to pay me in cryptocurrency. I do not accept cryptocurrency as a payment, and I do not take commissions from crypto enthusiasts and NFT buyers.


- You may print your finished commission to display in a private setting, such as your home or workspace, as well as use it for personal projects such as podcasts or videos. - You may not take credit for the commissioned piece I drew or claim it to be your own artwork. Do not remove or edit out my signature, either.
- You may gift the commissioned artwork to a friend or family member, if you had a friend or family member in mind when requesting it (please do not claim that you drew it, though!) - You may not reproduce or monetize my artwork in any way, such as turn it into merchandise like stickers, prints, or clothing, or print it in books, or magazines, unless we have agreed on such beforehand.
- You may display your finished commission as either an icon or header/banner on social media, as LONG as I am given proper credit for the piece somewhere on your profile. You are also free to use it as a desktop wallpaper or mobile lock/homescreen. - You may not edit the drawing I created for you, other than cropping it to fit a social media icon (OK!) or changing the background color from a white or transparent background (OK!).
- You are also free to upload the piece in an original post from yourself, once again, as long as I am directly credited either in the post itself, or a reply. I do not mind being directly mentioned in an @. - You may not mint the finished commission into an NFT, upload it to an NFT marketplace, or otherwise exchange it for cryptocurrency.

- I will draw your OCs! As long as I am provided with a proper reference, I will draw any OCs. I'll also draw alternative outfits for your OCs if you give me a proper idea of what you want. - I will not draw porn or explicitly sexual imagery, including any kind of fetish or kink artwork. Contact other artists for that stuff.
- I will draw ship artwork, whether they be canon x canon, OC x OC, or OC x canon. No incestuous or abusive ships, or ships with large age gaps. - I will not draw any artwork with bigoted or offensive themes; anything with racist, homophobic, or transphobic theming.
- I am partial to Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog as far as fandoms will go, but will also draw mostly anything. Listing fandoms I would be uncomfortable drawing for would take a bit too long here, so if you're unsure if I would draw a certain fandom-centered piece for you, simply just ask me and I'll tell you. - I will not draw excessive gore or violence, or large amounts of blood (blood makes me queasy). I will also not draw any violent artwork with suicidal theming.
- I will draw furries/anthro characters, animals, or Pokémon! - I will not draw artwork of real people, such as celebrities, public figures, Youtubers, etc. I may draw you if you provide me with a selfie, though!
- I will draw androids or simplified robots! This includes simple or cartoony machinery. - Connected to the above, I will not draw anything MCYT-related for a commission.
- I will draw most art styles, aside from realism. I'm partial to drawing in more simplified or cartoony art styles. Once again, if you're unsure, contact me. - I will not draw mecha or detailed weapons and machinery.
- I will draw mild violence, or injury, such as cuts, small wounds, bruises, or bandaged appendages. This includes simple weapons. - I will not draw artwork with heavy medical themes, or placed in medical environments (sometimes I might be OK with this, but it will depend on the kind of thing you request).
- I will draw mild suggestive content or artistic/non-sexual nudity (you must be an adult if you commission a piece like this, and the character(s) in question must be an adult as well.) - I will not draw human/Pokémon fusions or human/animal fusions (think Nina from Full Metal Alchemist) (( Gijinkas of animal characters and animal people like catpeople are fine to request! ))