TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th 2023 :: 11:30PM


Howdy howdy!!! So... wow, a lot has happened since my last blog post. Both good things and bad things... Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first.

The biggest thing this past month was that my paternal grandpa passed away on August 21st. He was 87. It'd been a shock to all of us since we had just been visiting him back in July. Like with my paternal grandma's death, I wasn't and am still not sure how I feel... because I never knew my grandparents on my dad's side very well. They were good people and good grandparents, but I didn't get to see them very much as a kid or an adult and now I wish I could've spent more time with them and gotten to connect with them.

At the very least, my last interactions with Papa (my grandpa) in July were very positive, I got to show him my art and I got to look at building plans he drew back in the 80s. He had a lot of interesting stories to tell, too... he told me he met Dolly Parton at an airport once! It was nice talking to him and getting to see him for the first time since I was a little kid.

That's the worst of the news I had, it's all up from here.

I started my Fall semester in college last week, and... it's a mixed bag. I like my classes and professors, but... my college made a lot of sudden changes over the Summer and it was very disorienting to come back to, especially since, well... I'm an autistic person that doesn't respond well to sudden change. It's been very frustrating having to change my whole routine at college after keeping it relatively the same for 2 and a half years. I HATE it! And the new vending machines suck real hard too, one ate my money today and last week another one declined my card like 20 different times in a row. At least my Motion Graphics class seems cool, though.

Alright, that's all the bad news I have... now for some good news!

So, I've been making some big internal changes to the site! I have mainly been sorting files into folders and tidying up directories: I made folders for backgrounds, headers, blinkies, buttons, and other such graphics and assets. Directories have been changed so that now rather than the Button collection page on the Media hub redirecting you to /88x31, it's /media/archives/88x31, and instead of the E-shrines page on Extras leading you to /e-shrines, it's /extras/e-shrines. Did I explain that well? Probably not, but this all more for personal organization than anything. I want my site to be clear, neat, and concise. I hope I'm achieving that goal!

Last week me and my mom finished watching The Good Place, and MAN this show is so good!!! I won't spoil much for those who haven't seen it, but it does such a good job with it's characters, and being funny, but emotional. My favorites in the show were Chidi and Janet. :)

Also, this weekend my family's going to Maine to celebrate my mom's birthday! We haven't been to Maine in a while, so I'm very excited about that. On top of that, an IRL friend invited me to her birthday party too for next week! (I don't get invited to parties often-)

Another positive, I have new medication for my psoriasis... YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! xD I haven't gotten to use it for long, but I'm already noticing improvements! Maybe my skin could be fully clear in the future... Here's hoping.

Lastly, I'm already making plans for Halloween! I plan on dressing up as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, and I've bought most of the things I need for the costume... Now I just need to wait for it all to arrive! I'm so excited for Spooky Season but I don't wanna celebrate to prematurely...... lest the magic be killed for me. I plan on watching a bunch of classic horror movies in October to get me into the mood for Halloween. I've already watched Carrie (1976) recently and will READILY watch it again... fantastic movie. (side note: On the topic of movies, I finally watched Barbie. Yes I wore pink to the theaters. Yes, I loved it)

I've got more I could blather on about, but that's about all the significant stuff I have for this post. See you in October... Maybe! If I don't forget to make a blog post!!! xD

MOOD: Already ready for the week to be over (is that a mood?)
WATCHING: Markiplier's Let's Play of Inscryption
WEEKEND PLANS: Taking a weekend vacation to Maine!

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