8/21/2022:: Super eventful month so far! I registered for my fall semester back to college with in-person classes, I adopted two new kittens named Daphne and Velma, and I got Paypal and Ko-fi set up with the help of my parents so I could take commissions! Back to updating this website again after that, and I'm super motivated!

7/18/2022:: Had a pretty eventful week! My aunt, uncle, and cousin came over to visit, all the way from Texas. It was nice meeting them again in person after so long, last time I saw them in person was when I was in elementary school! Also, after 7 years, I finished the True Pacifist Route of Undertale!

7/5/2022:: I watched Perfect Blue recently. I can see why so many anime fans online love it now... A real piece of cinema. The twist with Rumi really got me and GOD Mima's VA Junko Iwao utterly killed that performance

7/3/2022:: I've been stalling on updates for this website for a while now for multiple life-related reasons... one big thing happening was my cat's battle with cancer. She died peacefully on June 30th. I can't really understate how much that cat meant to me, I've had her since I was 7 years old and the fact that she's passed after being in my life so long... well, doesn't feel real. I'm trying to live regardless. I'm gonna be working on a subpage in dedication to Bella soon. She was a real special cat.

6/12/2022:: Watching Serial Experiments Lain right now. Hoooly shit,,,

6/10/2022:: Went out for ice cream with my mom and my brother tonight! I got a brownie sundae that I... unfortunately didn't finish v__v


8/21/2022:: Built the guidelines and prices pages for commissions!

7/18/2022:: Updated my links on the index page, among many other quiet updates I've been making over the past week or so. Also, I have tested this site on my mobile (though I used my dinky iPhone 7) and this site seems to be mostly functional on mobile browsers. Some pages aren't well optimized for mobile, though...

6/12/2022:: Finally built the media page! I have a lot I'll need to add to it though... woof. It's 5AM.

6/11/2022:: The about page is complete! I hope it looks nice!

6/11/2022:: Fixed the formatting of the gallery page since it was DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. >A< Hopefully it's much easier to look through my art now. I'm thinking of adding pages to display past works from 2020, 2019, and 2018... since I'm pretty proud of some of my art from back then.

6/10/2022:: Finally built and fully set up the blog page!

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