9/14/2023:: There's now a page for a map of the website! If you feel lost, check it out.

9/7/2023:: Lots of updates made in the last month or so to the site! Mainly what I have been focusing on is building the bones of the site before I add all the content. I'm building the CSS and basic layout for every single empty page on the site before I put everything on them. Also... fanlistings have been repositioned to be under the webrings... which I've joined more of now! Yayyy!!!!!

7/29/2023:: Once again, too many updates to count... The biggest updates, however: I made a new blog post, and if you look at the homepage, I'm a part of a webring now!!! Yay!!!!! :D

6/10/2023:: A bunch of changes were made since the past update but the subpages for the media hub are finally being built, the cool websites page now has content on it! I've also slimmed down the extras page a little.

6/1/2023:: Too many other changes to count but finally adding full posts to the blog!

5/23/2023:: Created the old web banners page and finally added to the media page and made it look less incomplete.

5/22/2023:: Updated the homepage.

5/22/2023:: Built the playlist, stamp, and blinkies pages, subpages a part of the media hub page.

5/18/2023:: Any non-functional links now properly redirect to the "not found" page. The "extras" page has been built upon, and I've given the homepage some new flair with images in front of the contents. It was hard to figure out how to code those! Among these are a lot of other more minor changes.

5/16/2023:: Remade the website playlist, added a visit counter on the index page, and I have plans to overhaul the statuses into plain ol blog posts. Among this a lot of other more minor changes were made.

5/16/2023:: A lot of work was done today on this website! Updated some information, primarily updating my gallery and pages the site where my age is mentioned, since my birthday passed back in March. Swapped out some graphics for different ones, expanded the gallery section to have multiple pages, and built the art faq page.

8/21/2022:: Built the guidelines and prices pages for commissions!

7/18/2022:: Updated my links on the index page, among many other quiet updates I've been making over the past week or so. Also, I have tested this site on my mobile (though I used my dinky iPhone 7) and this site seems to be mostly functional on mobile browsers. Some pages aren't well optimized for mobile, though...

6/12/2022:: Finally built the media page! I have a lot I'll need to add to it though... woof. It's 5AM.

6/11/2022:: The about page is complete! I hope it looks nice!

6/11/2022:: Fixed the formatting of the gallery page since it was DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. >A< Hopefully it's much easier to look through my art now. I'm thinking of adding pages to display past works from 2020, 2019, and 2018... since I'm pretty proud of some of my art from back then.

6/10/2022:: Finally built and fully set up the blog page!

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